Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm n0t hepy, I'm n0t 0kay! huhu..

I'm n0t hepy, i'm n0t 0kay. Thats all i cn say..hmm..
I'm s0 depressed lately... i d0n't evn knw why..
It's really dealing with em0ti0ns i guess..
stdy, w0rk hard, thinking..................
I wnt s0me peacefulness..
N0w, i'm deactivated FB acc, rarely 0pen my ym..
leaving all th0se b0thers0me things behind!! g0 0n la!! i d0n't evn care 0k!!
d0 whtever u wn't t0 d0 n just please leave me al0ne..
I need my time al0ne...
I d0n't wnt t0 be a pers0n wh0 ruins everythng!!
I d0n't wnt t0 be a bad frens..
I d0n't wnt t0 be whtevr u d0n't want me t0 be...
n if i cn, i will try my very best t0 satisfies all pe0ple ar0und me..but....hmm..
I wnt t0 be m0re f0cus 0n my pers0nal life...n DELETE all the thngs i d0n't wnt t0 rmmber...
s0 l0ng...Farewell...
Ya Allah, please guide me..amin.

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Cik Ekin said...

what bothering u actually dear? don't ever give up ok. just be strong! those challenges will make u stronger. just let them be and be urself.act, me to had gone through all this recently.just be patient ok! anythin u can gimme a call. don't be sad.focus on ur study first alrite. -with love ekin (:

sHiRaH said...

thnks a l0t cik ekin!! huhu..
ntah la cik..latey rse cm gtue la..
rsenye sbb b'cmpur2 kut..
xpe2!! i'll try my best!! Insya'Allah..tq! ^_^

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