Monday, February 8, 2010

Just thinking 0f writing this..

There's a time when u really like s0me0ne..yet bc0z 0f u like him, u have t0 let him g0...
And pretend that u 0kay..alth0ugh deep inside, u r n0t..
It's really hard t0 swall0w all the dramas and d0 the acting..
But still, u willing ch00se t0 get hurt, as l0ng as u can always see a drawing 0f smile 0n his face.
It'll make u feel relief..and dr0wn away ur pain..
And the m0st imp0rtant is, u kn0w, he'll be fine & happy then..
g0sh! wh0 really cn d0 this right??

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ziQah said...

OMG Shira! yaa this post contains a very deep meaning huh? fuyooo.. sounds like a brokenhearted pun ade. do have any intention to tell me the story? hihihi.. whatever it is, just stay calm. be cool ok? hehe chill beb :))

sHiRaH said...

Ziqah, thanks a l0t!
n02..there's n0 intenti0n ngn sape2 pn..
just feel like writing cmtue..x de kne mngena ngn sape2 pn..hehe...
t kite st0ry2 k? =)

~dear dearie bloggy~ said...

a man who love u will always be whenevr u need a shoulder to cry on.. he will share their life, n u will be part of his life.. a man should take care of you, protect u against almost anythin. soo..just put ur head high n believe that, he will come sooner or later.. our 'ken' will come:)

ziQah said...

yes Shira, anytime u wish. :))

sHiRaH said...

Ulfa~ Thanks a l0t! Its really means a l0t t0 me! Insya'Allah 0ur 'ken' will c0me!! skit ag!! hehe.. =)
Ziqa~ ye la tue..thanks2! btw.. =)

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