Saturday, July 25, 2009

Story bout me n a beautiful young girl, Nasha..

Salam sume!
Today i'll like to talk bout me n Nasha..
We were friends since i'm in primary school, in a same class 1,2,3 Teratai..
Nasha igt x? Hehe..We were best friends..Share problems together,
Lagi2 bile mse gaduh2 dlu ngn kwn..haha.. Klakar pula bile igt balek..
Time drjh tiga duk ats block class, cite2 n time gduh2 sume..haha..
Mse tue, rse cm dh matang jek..hehe..pdhl kecik lgi..
Then, sume nie jd gloom for bout long time jge kn? huhu..
Bile time shirah lmpat clss n we were in different class sume, stndard..
Sedih sgt time tue..Bile jmpe x thu nk ckp ape..end up with x tgur pape pn..
It's my fault.. I shouldn't do that! huhu..
Lps tue..Nasha ikut family Nasha ke UK kn? N long time i did't hear anything from her..
Ade jge rsenye skli sekale je, through emel..
One day, mse shirah n family go for crita susuk kalu x silap, tgk wyg..
then alhamdulillah, jodoh kami msih pnjang..i met her..
Wah, she's look very beatiful young lady!
She's grown up well.. I miss her lots!
Mse tue, cm x thu nk ckp ape, t'kedu, Shirah cme smpt tgur her brother jek dlu n ckp skit2 jek ngn Nasha..huhu..
After that, from that day, we keep seing each other, secara kbetulan kn?
hehe..time seminar kn2? Mcm dh dttpkan jek.. =)
Kami cntct2..n msg2 n pnh juga hang out together hehe..
Those are very precious time.. Pastue when i went to UiTM,
being a bit busy..Slalu x dpt jmpe huhu..slalu x jd dsbbkn shirah..huhu
Sorry2 sgt2 Nasha.. Dun Worry, u wll always be my in my heart! Being my best friends ok!
Now, shirah rse cm sgt2 sdih sbb Nasha nk g overseas lagi, following her parents..
n i know its very goods 4 her, study abroad n i give my fully support to her! Chaiyok2!
Eventhough i'm gonna miss her lots! Bye2 Nasha! Hope u'll success with flying colour! Chaiyok2!
If there're anything, u can tell me k! Friends 4 eva! Thanks a lot n sorry 4 everything!

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